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The Clockarium is the Museum of Art Deco ceramic clocks in Brussels, Belgium

It specializes in the Art Deco ceramic mantel clocks which were the first timepiece affordable to everyone.
During the 1920s and '30s, they proudly decorated every common homes in Belgium and Northern France.

This belgian museum displays more than a thousand pieces in a stylish Art Deco house at the entrance to Brussels.

Jacques de Selliers is the Curator of this unique museum in Brussels, Belgium.
He warmly invites you to come and visit his museum on your next trip to Brussels.
You will discover an unbelievable collection of popular art deco ceramics from Belgium, France and Czechoslovakia.
You will make a delightful journey in time and imagination!

the Clockarium Museum in Brussels, Belgium
The Clockarium® Museum

163 Reyers boulevard - 1030 Brussels - Belgium - Tel + Fax : +32 (0)2 732.08.28
Guided visits in French on Sundays at 3:05 pm.


Bahamas underwater photos copyright © Jacques de Selliers.

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